A 24K Investing Opportunity

Referred to as the safe-haven, gold is the choice of many investors! Gold is less affected by the geopolitical circumstances than other commodities, so many participants in the market tend to invest in this metal, as it can stay unaffected during the uncertain economic conditions.


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Why Invest with STARTRADER?

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  • Segregated Client Accounts

    To ensure your funds are used for investing purposes only

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    A 24/7 service for queries, consultation, and feedback

  • Multiple Payment Solutions

    Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods with zero deposit fees on most payment methods

  • Top-Notch Tools and Platforms

    Excellent and easy to use tools and platforms to help you in your investing journey

  • Educational Materials

    We have a vast library of education materials and resources to help our clients and partners

  • Fast and Easy Execution

    Ultra-fast and easy execution is the mission we aim to deliver


STARTRADER, one of the world’s fastest growing brokers, offers CFDs trading services on +200 instruments across six asset classes. We are recognized for our extraordinary levels of security, account segregation and extremely high-paid capital to give our clients a seamless trading experience.

Known for our customer-centric approach, we do our best to provide our clients with all they need for an efficient trading journey; that includes a flexible trading environment and an ultra fast execution. To become even closer to our clients, we have expanded and now have offices in different locations around the globe!